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It is with great sadness that we say farewell to the corner stone of our charity our Chairman Mr George Long who together with his late wife Sue were co-founders of Second Chance, which was set up on Sept 18th 1979, 37 years ago. Because of George and Sue Second Chance have rehomed over 14,000 dogs, cats and various other animals. For all of those years he has been very much involved with the rescue.

On behalf of all the animals, staff and supporters we say

THANK YOU, you will be very much missed


Please do take the time to read the history of

Second Chance as written by George himself




 Success Stories


Caz (Now Breeze)




I'd been meaning to email you about Breeze's progress, and to tell you how delighted we are with her.  She's settled in very well, and we just can't imagine life without her now.  She has the sweetest nature, and is desperate to please, and so eager to learn.  At the same time she's a bundle of energy and curiosity, and sometimes reacts unexpectedly to things that only with hindsight to we realise she's probably not come across before.  So we have our hands full with her, but that's only what we expected, she gets easier to live with every day, and the reward of seeing her relax and enjoy life to the full make it all very worthwhile.  Our lives would be so dull without her now - she makes us smile and laugh a dozen times every day.

She's travelled with us in the car to Northampton and back one day, and has been to the shore, and discovered that seawater is no good for drinking.  She loved going to the vet for her innoculations, as there was so much to see and do there, and she got so many treats!  Next month she's booked to come with us and Floss to London for a couple of days, and will stay in the hotel room with us for 2 nights.  That should be interesting all round!!!  Floss is a pro at being a hotel guest, but I think Breeze has a lot to learn there.

Our local pub is extremely dog-friendly, and lots of customers have/have had Border Collies.  We go every week for Floss's sake (honestly!), as she knows a Sunday by our change of routine, and that evening she fusses till we give in and take her for her walk through the woods beside the pond, and to the pub where the landlady gives her treats, and the other customers come up to make a fuss of her.  Of course Breeze is now benefitting from the treats and fuss as well.  It doesn't make for a relaxing evening for us, but while Floss wants to, we will do it, and consider it good socialising for Breeze!

She's generally very good both on and off-lead, staying close to Nigel, and learning to ignore joggers and bikes.  On lead, she still tries diving at passing cars sometimes, but that is improving too.  Going in the car needs some work, as she adores it, but is driven crazy by all the movement of passing cars and so on.  We have a large car, so there are several places she can go in it, and by trial and error, on the back seat seems best.  So she now has a safety-approved car harness attached to the child-seat fixing point, and we now need to spend time de-sensitizing her to the stimulation of riding in a car.  Floss used to be exactly the same.

Here in the house she is pretty sorted, knowing what she can and can't do, and what goes on each day.  She and Floss get on so well, and follow each other around.  Floss has definitely benefitted from the doggy companionship, and I have some video of her instigating some play on the patio with Breeze, who was so gentle with her.  Before getting Breeze, Floss would walk to the end of the road, then turn round and come home for her dinner.  When we first got Breeze, Nige would take them both to the corner, bring Floss home as usual, and then then take Breeze out for a second, and much longer romp in the fields round our house.  These days, Floss usually wants to go with them for a much longer walk, and seems more spritely, despite the warmer weather.

Generally Breeze is no longer possessive about things.  The exceptions are if she manages to filch something out of a bin or off the worktop, and if she has a chew.  We can take everything else off her without problems.  We can also take a chew or stolen item off her, but it isn't (yet) easy, and has to be done with care.

Soon after we got her, we realised that Breeze had a real need to chew.  She destroyed some toys that were supposed to be indestructable, and chewed everything else she could get her paws and teeth on.  Seems like she missed that puppy-hood stage and was making up for lost time.  So we've provided her with lots of things that she's allowed to chew and if she chews something she shouldn't, we just do a swap and give her something she's allowed to munch on.  It seems to be working, as it has calmed her down, and her need to chew seems to be decreasing.







At the grand old age of 21 years is Sam the oldest dog looking for a new home? He still has his sight and hearing and is fully mobile. He really is an absolute sweetheart, can you help?


UPDATE we are very pleased to say that Sam has found his forever home and has settled in very well as you can see by the photos







Take a good look.....this is D....she was saved in the UK this weekend after being used as a bait dog.....FREE TO A GOOD HOME can mean pain and death for your pet at the hands of dog fighters....DON'T advertise them for free or even sell them on sites like Gumtree....if you need to 'get rid' of your pet for any reason talk to your local rescue or find an alternative option.....they are not all as 'lucky' as D





We have many pairs of kittens

needing homes, can you help?






We were recently sent some photo's taken back in 1992 by a volenteer. The rescue has certainly come a long way in the last 21 years. We thought you might like to see the then and now photo's












  On top of the obvious like dog/cat food, cat litter etc the items we use most of on a daily basis are washing powder, dustbin bags, household bleach and washing up liquid. Any donations of these items are a huge help to us and helps us to keep costs down. Please do think of us when doing your weekly shop, we would be very grateful





Please, please get your rabbit vaccinated. Myxomatosis, a most awful and fatal disease is around at the moment. We have recently lost a pair of the most friendliest, beautiful rabbits to it. This pair were being housed in an cage inside a shed with no contact with other rabbits. Its common for people to assume that their pet rabbits will be safe from it because they are housed in a shed, living indoors or not likely to come in contact with wild rabbits. The disease is passed by fly's, flea's and other insects so is very easily spread. Its a horrific disease than can and will cause an awful death so please do vaccinate now





Many thanks to Dulux for donating the paint to us to allow Charley Wilcock and Rob Vaughan to paint our fantastic mural on our food store. It looks amazing with caricatures of many of our dogs and volenteers and has become a real focal pointmural_094_Custom.jpgmural_030_Custom.jpg














We are finding that with the huge number of cats that we have here waiting for homes we are running extremly low on cat biscuit's. Hence any donations of dry cat food would be very gratefully received 






 Foster Homes Urgently Needed
We are looking for some experienced foster homes with no young children and someone at home during the day to help with some young dogs that just need a bit of extra socialization. They are not aggressive in any way, purely a little shy and wary of the world around them. Having spent all their short lives in kennels we really feel that these dogs deserve the extra help to get them into the new homes they deserve. If you can help foster one of these dogs please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you.


Postal Donations
It has come to our attention that once again some of our postal donations have gone astray. We always respond to any donations unless requested not to, so if you do send in a donation to us and you do not receive a response from us then please do let us know.


Ebay & Missionfish

Many thanks to those that donate the proceeds or a percentage of the selling price of items that they sell on Ebay. If you wish to help us in this way it is easily done when listing your item on Ebay. Missionfish will then pass on your donation after your item has sold.






















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