about secondchanceanimalrescue - AboutPets are helpful to humans in many ways; in fact, they are often called friends. Pets can be a great companion if you are living alone. Even when you have kids and other members in the family, pets can become a wonderful addition to the family. You will notice that everyone in the family is having a good time with the pet.

Every year lots of dogs are being euthanized. It is cruel and we can take steps to stop this cruelty. Some organizations work to rescue these pets and shelter them. If we adopt these pets, then they can have a good life.

Recently pets are being trained as pet therapists. They can help with various conditions. When soldiers arrive after completing their services, they often suffer from post-traumatic stress and depression. Therapy dogs can give them company and help them to recover from depression.

Therapy dogs can also provide support to autistic children. They can be trained to attend to their needs. Some therapy dogs are so well trained that they can even diagnose diseases and seek the attention of people for help. They are also helpful in recovering from gambling addiction.

In this blog, you will know more about therapy dogs and how they can be helpful if trained well by professionals.