Some Popular Dog Rescues in Ireland

In many places, you will notice that dogs are living on the streets without proper shelter or food. They often die in road accidents. Some organizations are working to rescue dogs and give them a better life. Here are some dog rescues in Ireland who are doing a very good job in protecting the lives of street dogs.


Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) is a very old organization helping to rescue pets and provide them with a home. This organization has been recognized all over the world for its good work.

The organization works towards preventing cruelty to animals. They maintain the highest standards of transparency and ethics in their work. They provide a shelter to these pets.

They also provide services like critical care, vaccination, and other services.

Some Popular Dog Rescues in Ireland 1 - Some Popular Dog Rescues in Ireland

Dogs Trust

It is one of the largest dog welfare charities in Ireland. It provides an education program for taking care of dogs. They provide a home for more than 500 dogs every year. Apart from providing a home, they also provide important services like vaccination, neutering, behaviour modification, and other things.

Limerick Animal Welfare

This organization takes care of cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and other animals that don’t have a home. They have a no-kill policy.  They provide veterinary care to hundreds of pets. They also help new pet owners cope with the pet through their re-homing services.

West Cork Animals

This organization works to protect dogs and other pets who are without homes, abused, or abandoned. They provide various services like medical care, preventing cruelty, neutering, spaying, and more.

These organizations take extra steps to give a better life to the dogs and other pets. If you love animals, you must donate to these charities so that they can keep on doing their job.

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