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Our blog is about pet shelters and pet therapy. We admire the organizations that are working relentlessly to provide a better home for pets. Many pets are living on the streets and are starving.

Sometimes they are treated cruelly by humans. These pets need proper shelters. Some organizations are providing them homes. Some pets are often trained as therapy animals to help humans with various issues.

In this blog, we write articles on pet shelters and pet therapy. We are looking for knowledgeable writers to join our team. We need guest writers who are pet specialists and can provide us with important information and suggestions on these topics.

We want unique articles for our blog. Your article must be well researched so that our readers can get valuable information. The articles must be within 1,000 words. You should include relevant images with the articles so that the readers feel more interested to read your articles.

Your article must be about pet shelter, pet therapy, ways pets can be helpful to humans, how to train pets for therapy, and more. Before writing the article, please go through our archive to see the articles that are already published. That way you won’t write about a topic that has already been published.

You must proofread the articles before submission. Make sure there is no grammatical or spelling error. Your article will be reviewed by our team of experienced writers and you may need to edit the article according to their feedback.

Please submit the article by email and attach any image as well. We will get back to you after reviewing the articles. For more information please contact us.